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Reflector is a complete solution for streaming audio that replicates a received stream to an unlimited number of destinations through the public internet.

The solution is based on a server - client architecture.

The client encoder device pushes the audio stream to the server and the client decoder devices pull the stream from the server. The client devices donīt need to have a public IP address and donīt need any specific configuration for passing through.

The number of receiving locations is only limited by network bandwidth.

All client devices are configured automatically on startup from the server where they are registered with their MAC address. Thus the devices can be shipped directly to their locations, and no manual intervention is needed for configuration.

Depending on the chosen hardware devices, it is also possible to pass contact closure information in the same stream. At the destination a failover to USB playback can be used to ensure a continuous audio feed out in case of network failure.

A free iPhone App is also available to monitor the audio streaming.

The Reflector Service itself can be hosted by the Barix partner StreamGuys, or the server software can be licensed for own management.



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