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Vertical Market: M2M (machine 2 machine)

 About LoRa

M2M (machine 2 machine)

"LoRa: Long range, low power wireless platform is the prevailing technology choice for building IoT networks worldwide."

 High-Pressure Cylinder Test for Airbag Inflation

M2M (machine 2 machine)

It is now absolutely necessary to use a professional automotive airbag high-pressure steel cylinder testing machine to conduct the relevant tests for the cylinders in order to ensure their quality and safety during the production process.

 Intelligent Remote Monitoring Solution for Distributed Solar Generation

M2M (machine 2 machine)

Based on Advantech WebAccess , our Solar Power Management System (SPMS)which is specifically designed for solar applications is an ideal solution.

 Reliable, Real-Time Fleet Vehicle Monitoring

M2M (machine 2 machine)

The customer was looking for a remote network connection to their vehicle controller.

 Sierra Wireless AirLink® Enterprise Connect (ALEC)

M2M (machine 2 machine)

Service de connectivité principale et de repli 4G LTE 24/7

 Smart Energy

M2M (machine 2 machine)

The smart grid comes home

 Smart Retail

M2M (machine 2 machine)

Customized shopping benefits customers and retailers


M2M (machine 2 machine)

MultiTech Cellular Routers Provide Quick and Reliable Connectivity for Solar Power Applications

 Wi-Fi Enabled Landscaping Robots

M2M (machine 2 machine)

The customer utilizes robotic technology as a more affordable way to apply advertising to grass.

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