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Vertical Market: Security

 24/7 Surveillance for Highway Tunnel Security


Turnkey Video Wall Controller Solution for Control Room

 A City Implements Better Connectivity for Better Opportunities


An Asian city planned to upgrade city infrastructure with Moxa’s PoE switches to integrate city surveillance, data collection, and public services.

 About LoRa


"LoRa: Long range, low power wireless platform is the prevailing technology choice for building IoT networks worldwide."

 Fire Alarm System and Remote Monitoring Sytem in Shoe Factory in Indonesia


The system should can be monitored remotely and has several features such as alarm management, auto reporting, connected to many client computers without additional cost, and run 24/7 without fails.

 Media Converters for Every Combination


The comprehensive media converter portfolio for serial, Ethernet, and fiber connections

 Notfallkommunikation in Gebäuden


VoIP Gegensprechanlagen und Wechselsprechanlagen

 Ontario Provincial Police


Dual head switching and extension for police forces.

 PTZ Traffic Monitoring and Plate Recognition for Highway Surveillance


A new surveillance system was composed of HD PTZ cameras for panoramic monitoring and IR cameras for plate recognition, both of which cameras were powered by PoE switches.

 Real-Time Building Vibration Monitoring


Ensuring Public Safety Through Responsive Real-Time Building Vibration Monitoring

 Surveillance Monitoring System



The most basic video surveillance setup is a single camera connected directly to a monitor and recording device.

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