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Vertical Market: Energy and Power Management

 About LoRa

Energy and Power Management

"LoRa: Long range, low power wireless platform is the prevailing technology choice for building IoT networks worldwide."

 Enabling Secure, Real-Time Management of Irrigation Resources

Energy and Power Management

A theme park, with thousands of acres of plants, grass, and other horticulture that needs specific watering on a very timely schedule.

 Gasifier´s Environmental Credentials are Greatly Improved through Enhanced Monitoring

Energy and Power Management

Gas is a major requirement for controlling the temperature of furnaces, so our customer used a coal based Gasifier system.

 Integrated SCADA Solution for Wind Farm Management

Energy and Power Management

Advantech proposed a total solution including a touch panel computer as a Human Machine Interface (HMI), two kinds of fiber optic networking devices to establish a redundant ring backbone, and specially designed software for renewable energy applications.

 Intelligent Building Automation System and Energy Saving Solution

Energy and Power Management

The proposed system needed to use a SCADA system that could control the lights and air conditioners based on the scheduled system, and monitor the lights and ACs in real-time.

 Intelligent Remote Monitoring Solution for Distributed Solar Generation

Energy and Power Management

Based on Advantech WebAccess , our Solar Power Management System (SPMS)which is specifically designed for solar applications is an ideal solution.


Energy and Power Management

MultiTech Cellular Routers Provide Quick and Reliable Connectivity for Solar Power Applications

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