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IC Paging

Barix IC Paging offers a complete Intercom and paging / public address solution over IP networks, with VoIP system integration.

The "Head End"

The IC Paging solution can handle multiple master stations. Barix offers a wide range of choices, like the Annuncicom PS16 multi-key talk station, the Annuncicom PS1 2-button talk station, IC Graph PC software or simply connect a microphone and speaker to the Annuncicom 200. You can even mix and match any combination of the above in one complete solution meeting your specific needs.

The "End Points" Intercom / 2-way audio

At IC Paging end points you will find an Annuncicom as an IP bridge for intercom (2-way audio).The Annuncicom can connect to the microphone, speaker and push button of an existing door panel.Natively, the Annuncicom supports 2 push buttons for calling different destinations.The two button support can be expanded up to 10 buttons by adding an X8. The built in relay of the Annuncicom can be used to open the door lock. Barix also partners with door panel manufacturers if you need assistance selecting a door panel for a new project.

The "End Points" Paging / 1-way audio

At IC Paging end points you can choose from the extensive Exstreamer family. The Exstreamer 100 has a line out and can be used to drive an existing zone amplifier. The Exstreamer 205 has a built in class D amplifier with 2x25 Watts, enough to drive 2 horn-speakers or a larger number of speakers at a lower power output.



Where ? Anywhere people are, you need to talk too, such as airports, shopping malls, banks, government buildings, schools, hotels, theme parks, on-board trains/metro/cable cars, retail, ships....

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