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Streaming Client

The Barix Streaming Client can deliver high quality branded audio in real time via the internet or a local network to an unlimited number of locations and gives the option for localized and targeted ad insertion too, all via live streaming.

The "Streaming Client" can be configured for several sources and a combination of networked sources and local storage for secure continued audio even during network downtime or bandwidth limitations.

If the audio source is analog it can be converted into a digital stream through the Barix Instreamer and then be transmitted via the network. At the destination addresses a Barix Exstreamer converts the stream back into an analogue signal. Shoutcast or Icecast server can also be used as sources.


Furthermore the Streaming Client supports remote monitoring. This allows the functioning of each individual device to be checked at any time and, if necessary, automatically reconfiguring the device settings. It is also used for identifying the distribution of advertising to each endpoint.


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