VRT (Flemish Radio & Television)

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VRT (Flemish Radio & Television)

VRT (Flemish Radio & Television)

VRT’s Outside Broadcast Vehicles provide essential up-to-the-minute live programming for their radioand television networks. VRT rely heavily upon the latest technology to enable them to deliver asrequired under pressure.


Outside Broadcast Vehicles contain the equipment required to broadcast from beyond the studio environment.Broadcasting is live, requiring technicians inside the vehicle to control the programming from behind the scenes whilstpresenters remain outside ‘on location’. However, it is essential that presenters retain visual contact with a monitoroutside the vehicle to allow for timings of commercials, jingles and so on.

VRT’s Outside Broadcast Vehicles therefore need to be fitted with specialist equipment to extend KVM (keyboard,monitor, mouse) signals, allowing a monitor to be located outside as required. Extension of a serial port is also requiredto enable the connection of a Dalet unit for jingles and commercials.

Outside Broadcast Vehicles also have to perform punishing schedules and therefore the technology installed in them has to be incredibly robust. For example some vans tour the country broadcasting from two different locations per day.


VRT began testing CAT5 KVM extenders but found that many did not have the serial port requirement, and others produced poor video quality.

“Our biggest challenge was to find an extender which did not compromise video quality but did support the serialsignal,” comments Werner Ertryckx, Technical Director of Amptec who specialise in the building and equipping of Outside Broadcast Vehicles.

The Outside Broadcast Vehicles were fitted with AdderLink Extendersand the remote unit waspacked in a special case together with a flatscreen monitor, in readiness for quick connection.


“The extenders met our requirement for RS232 signal, being fully transparent to the remote control panel of the Dalet system. It also provided excellent quality video for the presenter, who could be located up to 70 meters away from the van,“ continues WernerErtryckx. “Now VRT has experienced its ease of use in the van we recently built, they almost immediately started equipping their other OB vans with the sameextenders. Needless to say they were quickly convinced of their quality.”

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