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Novramedia Inc., a digital signage solutions provider, offers its clients a Hybrid Infrastructure Solution which enables them to provide their Digital Signage and Kiosk offering to global clients with multiple locations anywhere in the world. Through the use of their technology designed and specifically customized for their client’s needs, they can deliver content anywhere in the world, in all customer locations, simultaneously.

Novramedia offers a vertically integrated solution that includes the design and manufacturing of hardware and software, installation, customer training, content design, content scheduling and on-going management of networks from their headquarters in Toronto, Canada.Their clients enjoy having the ease and peace of mind of only having to go to one source to implement their project plan.Novramedia’s customers were looking for a true end to end system for Digital Signage Distribution and Content Management. Their client roster includes Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank, The Beer Store and Shark Club Restaurants.

Novramedia required video/audio extender devices to reach vast distances in their client’s facilities.Simply using VGA cables to deliver their content would have been impossible.Initially when Novramedia formed, the thought was to use a direct A/V hook ups without extenders; however, this method was never officially rolled out as they moved towards extenders (CAT5s to VGA) soon after the inception of the company.
Novramedia’s challenges revolved solely on two factors:

1)The distance between the media player unit and the display unit (LCD).

2)The environment in which they were kept.


Novramedia found that Adder’s Digital Signage Extenders addressed not only the distance limitations between the media player and LCD, but also the environmental concerns.Novramedia deployed AdderLink AV200 and AV204 receiver and transmitter units which transport VGA over a standard CATx cable.

Novramedia was able to use the receivers and transmitters right out of the box without any customization or additional hardware.Because the extenders have a robust metal enclosure Novramedia is able to use AdderLink receivers and transmitters in a vast array of environment from server rooms to backrooms of cooled Beer Stores.Each extender could be secretly mounted behind each LCD or for larger installations the extender were secured in a server room and rack mounted into a 3U chassis.

One of the main requirements of customers like The Beer Store, Scotiabank and the Bank of Montreal was the ability to remotely turn on/off the LCD’s based on the client’s needs.The AV200 Series features display management via RS232.The Display Management Software included with the extenders gives users control and interaction with display devices over the integrated RS232 ports. This allows for bi-directional and automated communication with individual screens, groups of screens or all screens at the same time.


Video/Audio extenders are crucial to Novramedia’s business as they deal with clients that house media players far away from the display units in server rooms, etc.They needed a solution that would utilize the cost effectiveness and bandwidth of CAT5e and found this in the AdderLink AV200 Series.“The quality of the product is excellent.It is reliable and does exactly what it said it would do.We found the installation of the devices for the most part were very straight forward for their installers and contractors.The benefits of using this product are that we can extend a video/audio signal much longer than with a regular VGA cable”, commented Paul Engel, Systems Administrator at Novramedia.

The decision to go with theAdder AV200 Series was based on the quality of the product, the functionality (RS-232), simple design and the ease of tweaking and installation of the devices.Fine tuning on site can easily be done by any unskilled or skilled individual.The extenders are used in conjunction with media players and video walls for the ultimate digital signage experience.

ABOUT Novramedia

Novramedia Inc. is a Digital Media Solutions company offering a suite of solutions ranging from digital signage, video walls, kiosks and digital signage shelving.Novramedia Inc. is a Toronto based provider offering end-to-end solutions to clients and their brands. Since 2006, Novramedia installs, operates and manages digital signage networks to the retail, banking, hospitality, healthcare and automobile sectors.

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