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BBC Studio Control

Leading Broadcast Corporation Connects Production Teams to PCs Using AdderLink Infinity

Cambridge, UK, July 2012: The BBC is using the AdderLink Infinity network extension solution to connect its production teams to multiple computers at its new base at MediaCityUK, Salford Quays, as well as in a refurbishment of Broadcasting House in London.

AdderLink Infinity, from KVM connectivity specialist Adder Technology, can be used as a point to point extender, KVM switch or as a Matrix, depending on the configuration of the IP network. It has the capability to run any size matrix with DVI, USB, RS232 and Audio on all ports, the only limitation is the userís network and how the traffic architecture is configured.As an IP based matrix switch, AdderLink Infinity provides almost unlimited extension possibilities.

IPE, a leading broadcast integration company, installed two AdderLink Infinity systems and several AdderLink X systems at MediaCityUK.

The BBC is using AdderLink solutions to create large IP matrices for computer connections between radio studios and control rooms back to the Apps rooms. Between 20 and 30 units were installed in each of the larger studios, typically connecting 30 PCs to 15 screens


†††††Product in Brief:

ADDERLink INFINITY allows you to build a flexible infrastructure, the likes of which have not been possible before. Locate computers anywhere you like, share connections to computers, watch the interactions others have with computers, share control, collaborate, switch computers, and so on. The ADDERLink INFINITY is also the first device of its kind to allow multicasting across your network.

Adderís expertise in IP-based KVM solutions also means that you get the very best video quality and fluid USB-based interactions with your computer. Optimized for both HID and Mass Storage devices, the ADDERLink INFINITY uses USB 2.0 technology to deliver reliable and flexible device support.

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