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Ontario Provincial Police

The Electronic Crime Section of the Investigation Support Bureau of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) isresponsible for handling all aspects of computer related crime within the Canadian Province of Ontario.Given the importance of this task, it is crucial that the Electronic Crime Section has the networkinfrastructure to allow them to operate at peak efficiency.


The OPP Electronic Crime Section set out to source 4 new dualvideo servers for each member of the staff. These servers would beused in conjunction with 2 desktop PCs and 2 notebookcomputers. “We were very familiar with KVM products, havingused them in our previous environment,” commented DetectiveSergeant Bob Gagnon, “But it quickly became clear that our oldswitches would not work in this new dual-video implementation.”

The new requirements called for an 8-port KVM switch solutionthat was capable of handling dual video and could be mounted ina standard 19-inch rack. An added challenge was the desire tohave the racks of equipment in a centralized server room withcontrol at each investigator’s desk.


Neither the original project integration team nor the existing KVM switch vendor had a solution that would meet the newrequirements. The search led Detective Sergeant Gagnon to Adder Corporation where he commented, “We were pleasantlysurprised to find a proposal to meet our project needs in an off theshelf solution.”

The Adderview Matrix is a simultaneous 2-user KVM switch thatis available in configurations of 8 or 16 ports. The Matrix isequipped with a serial connector, which enables two switches tobe synchronized together. This means that when user 1 on switch1 selects a port to be controlled by their keyboard, video andmouse, a command is sent to the second synchronized Matrix toensure that the correct ‘video only’ port is displayed on the secondmonitor. Adderview Rackmount Brackets enabled the entiresolution to be neatly mounted into only 2U of rackspace.

In order to allow for control from each user’s desk, Adderlink X-SeriesKVM extenders were used to extend keyboard, mouse and video from the centralizedserver room over standard UTP cable. A marriage of X-Series Dual Video Transmitterswith X2-Silver Receivers allowed for extension up to 200m/656ft and support of the required 1600 x 1200 video resolution.


“The Adder solution was perfect for our situation. Itallowed us to implement our new equipment in linewith our original plans and did not require us to make any sacrifices in our design,” comments DetectiveSergeant Gagnon. “The Adder products wereaffordable, easy to install and worked reliably right out of the box.” With the ever-changing nature of e-crime, Gagnon noted that, “Adder gives us a fullKVM product line that can continue to grow with us as future needs develop.”

Shortly after this solution was installed at the OPP, The Halton Regional Police Service in Oakville, Ontario installed the same Adderview Matrix KVM configuration on the advice of the OPP Electronic Crime Section.

For multiscreen applications with smaller numbers of computers, Adder Smartview Multiscreen desktop switches are also widely used in law enforcement. Onesuch example is the use of the Smartview Multiscreen within The Computer Forensics Unit of the Seminole County Sheriff´s office in Sanford, Florida

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