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Van der Valk Hotels


Van der Valk Hotel has successfully operated hotels throughout the Netherlands and worldwide for the past 70 years.Always interested in new technology and a better way of doing things, the hotel chain had an interest in reducing their footprint on the environment and ending the huge paper trail of meeting notes and bulletins throughout the hotel.Since hotel information is changing daily, the hotel was looking for an easy and efficient way to communicate information to guests.

Digital displays seemed to be the best way to communicate this information.Initially the hotel considered driving the monitors via small PCs, but the PCs needed to be located above the ceiling.If problems arose, accessing the PCs could be a challenge and disruptive to hotel guests.Strip light units were also to be used in the hotel close to the PCs, which would increase the environmental temperatures considerably, which would risk overheating the PCs.To remedy the situation the hotel contacted communications solutions specialist InfoScreens, also based in the Netherlands to come up with a solution.


After assessing the challenges the hotel was facing, Info-Screens suggested using digital signage screens to complement the hotels existing appearance and enhance each patron’s experience.At the new Van der Valk Hotel in Ridderkerk, the Netherlands, InfoScreens installed Adder-Link AV extenders and AdderLink X2-Silver extenders to alleviate the heat and maintenance access issues.

The AdderLink AV100 series is well known for its high-resolution video and superb quality audio distribution up to 300m / 1,000ft for digital signage and media streaming applications.

The innovative design allows for flexible audiovisual distribution that can be expanded to grow in line with project developments.The series consists of 4 in-terchangeable units, which make the design of digital signage and narrow casting applications cost effective, flexible and easy to plan.

The AdderLink AV 100’s were connected to monitors outside fourteen different conference rooms to inform visitors which conference room was hosting their meeting/company.The screens are automatically updated each time there is a new meeting or schedule change.

The AV100’s are neatly tucked away out of site behind each monitor, out of view from hotel guests.If an extender needs to be serviced it is easily accessible behind each monitor.This eliminated any heat and maintenance issues that were once a concern.

The hotel also integrated AdderLink X2-Silver extenders behind larger monitors in the reception areas, allowing guests to view up to the minute information about conferences and daily activities at the hotel.


The X2-Silver extenders were selected for the large monitors because they offered integrated skew correction with a 300MHz bandwidth, which is more than powerful enough to counteract the negative effects of skew which is sometimes seen on large monitors.The X2-Silver also offered emulated Display Data Channel (DDC).Unless an extender actively supports DDC, some well known high performance video cards cannot be used at high resolutions.This was not a problem with the X2-Silver extender.In addition, the X2-Silver offers its own brightness correction to ensure that the image is crisp, clear and bright, regardless of the distance.The X2-Silver extenders were selected because the larger monitors had a very high resolution and picture clarity was an absolute necessity.


Through the use of digital signage, the hotel has created a new sleek and modern image.The new display system is easy enough for the hotel staff to maintain and update themselves, without the need for expensive service and maintenance contracts.Before the digital displays, everything at the hotel was communicated via paper and became out of date on a daily basis.With the new system in place, the hotel staff spends much less time coordinating meeting room schedules and hotel events.Digital displays have also been installed at Van der Valk Vianen and A4 Brug hotel locations, with plans to expand into additional hotels.

About Adder

Adder is a leading manufacturer of an advanced range of KVM switches, extenders and IP solutions which enable those working in IT, retail and AV environments to reliably control their mission critical systems and distribute and control high quality audio and video.Adder distributes products in more than 60 countries through a network of distributors, resellers and OEMs. Adder has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore and China.

About Van der Valk Hotels

In 1939 Martien and Rie van der Valk opened a restaurant in Voorschoten. Thanks to hard work and a welcoming, homely approach their business became a success. In the years following World War II, together with their 11 children they built a number of restaurants. Today, their grandchildren en great-grandchildren have managed to develop the company to be the largest hotel and restaurant chain in the Netherlands with 56 branches and another 25 hotels in countries all around the world. Martin and Rie’s view on hospitability remains the foundation of the successful “Van der Valk formula”. Their attitude and spirit of enterprise are an example for younger “Valk” generations.

About InfoScreens

InfoScreens, founded in 2001, is a system integrator specializing in digital signage and narrowcasting for the BeNeLux market. InfoScreens covers the whole range from consultancy till service and support. The pragmatic no-nonsense approach of InfoScreens has led to many successful projects in several markets such as Education, Hospitality, Government, Healthcare, Retail and Internal Communication.
Among the customers of InfoScreens are Erasmus Medical Centre, Chambers of Commerce, Tempo Team, FrieslandCampina, Arla Foods, Rrijkswaterstaat (Dutch road administration), NH Hoteles, Van der Valk Hotels, Brugman Kitchens, University of Twente, Wageningen University, Deli XL, etc.

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