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ILLUMINATION entertainment


With the enormous success of the Despicable Me franchise, Illumination Entertainment outgrew its editorial infrastructure creating challenges in their studio workflow.Production increased, requiring additional edit bays and the ability for the editors to swap in and out of the review suite for dailies.

In the past, an editor worked in the review suite on a dedicated Avid system tied to a specific edit bay.Editors working in other edit bays would come into the review suite, import their settings and open their projects on the Avid system tied to that review suite.This would not only take time to setup, but many times they would encounter playback glitches and/or errors.Many of these errors could be traced back to the fact that not all productions were running the same version of the software (both OS and Avid).Sometimes, hardware settings on the system would be the culprit, requiring a full machine reboot for the reconfiguration to take place.

The editors at Illumination Entertainment needed to set up for dailies on their Avid systems prior to entering the review suite and then move into the review suite after setup was complete.Each system is comprised of an Avid system, with dual displays, a dual link playback monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, and audio output.

When another editor occupied the review suite, the displaced editor would either have to open their settings and project in another free bay or wait until the review session was over.


Illumination Entertainment wanted a solution that would allow editors to utilize their own system for reviews and would provide seamless switching between workstations.

Prior to the growth in production, they knew that the Avid systems would remain in the data center. The new space identified for the editorial expansion was in a location not contiguous to the existing editorial space which necessitated a digital KVM switching and extension solution.

There were only a few players in this space that could support dual displays, and fewer that could support yet another display for playback and that also had a simple and easy end-user interface.

The go-to source turned out to be Adder Technology, who provided a solution for their existing workflow challenges and also positioned the company favorably for future scalability and flexibility in production capacity and performance.

Each workstationwas outfitted with two AdderLink Infinity Dual, fanless, units. One unit serviced dual displays from the Avid, keyboard, mouse and audio, while the other unit outputted directly from the Avid software to a review monitor for playback review.


After deploying the AdderLink Infinity solution, editors can now sit at any one of (currently) seven locations and work on their own Avid system.When they need to run dailies, they simply logout of the Adder system at their current location, go to the review suite, and login to bring up their own system in that room. Each editor is always working on and using the same Avid so there are no surprises when reviewing media.

“I spent a great deal of time researching KVM manufacturers, and Adder was the only company with a solution flexible enough to meet our needs. Using the AdderLink Infinity products, our editors are now able to setup for dailies or a review session on their Avid systems in their edit bay and then bring up that system in the review suite without interrupting any other sessions,” said Joe Stevano, Illumination Entertainment, IT director. “Adding Adder’s digital KVM matrix solution to our editorial infrastructure has given us increased flexibility in working on multiple productions” he added.      

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