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Sicoplan Engineering ( ADDERLink Infinity Dual 2112T Solution)

Sicoplan Engineering


Sicoplan is the system designer of complete plants for the wood-based panel products market and, as such, provides guidance to clients throughout the project. The company is involved from the very beginning of the quotation phase of a project, through to sign off. Central to the companyís business is advanced computer modelling Ė designing a model of the factory, and line, based on the customerís requirements and specifications.

This 3D visualisation and planning of the plant are used as a base for further development, specification setting and client meetings for the project. Flexibility and collaboration are crucial in this phase, often with multiple engineers working on the same model simultaneously whilst individual engineers work on several projects, moving roles as resources and requirements demand.

The company has a design bureau staffed by 20 design engineers who work on Autodesk Inventor Software creating plant models. Flexibility and the ability to assign engineers to different projects as needed were important requirements. The company also faced the challenge of technical constraints when adding staff.

Once engineering is complete and the plant is built, Sicoplan engineers coordinate the commissioning of the facility to ensure that the plant as a whole meets the guaranteed capabilities.


During the planning phase of a project Sicoplan engineers modify and update the 3D model as the plan progresses with additional information, such as specifications provided by machinery suppliers. The AdderLink Infinity solution allows many users, clients and/or engineers from various locations to connect with central and specialist resources, as well as flexibly resource various projects based on changing demands. In addition, engineers can share high quality content easily and quickly with all parties working on the project, to enhance collaboration during the engineering process.

The AdderLink Infinity enables the removal of all computers from an environment, and through matrix switching and extension technology, allow operators access to the computers and machinery from almost anywhere. In addition to the removal of electrical equipment and therefore the potential for sparks, fires or explosions, users do not need to be in that specific area in order to perform tasks. Instead, they can be several rooms, sometimes even miles away, and carry out their jobs with the same effectiveness and efficiency.

The AdderLink Infinity solution, installed by ANS Benelux, enabled the Belgian-based company and its workflow to realise additional flexibility, cost savings and optimum usage of resources, both from a staff and equipment point of view.


Based in Belgium ANS Benelux is a qualified premium Adder partner who chose the solution for SicoPlan that comprises the AdderLink Infinity Dual, which has dual link transmitter and receiver units and the AdderLink Infinity Manager (AIM) server.

The IP-based high performance KVM technology enables Sicoplan engineers to move locations and carry on accessing their resources without moving the hardware. Alternatively, an engineer can remain at the same desk and connect to another computer if the need arises, for example if his computer crashes or if different software is needed for a task. The design engineers can be simultaneously connected using the AdderLink Infinity and capacity can be easily managed by adding more transmitters or receivers to the system.

The AdderLink receivers are also used in Sicoplanís meeting rooms, which allow engineers to share information from different locations during meetings with customers using their own machines, eliminating the need for a dedicated meeting room computer.

Sicoplan has placed its computers in a dedicated server room as a result of having the Adder technology. This brings added safety, efficiency and comfort to the working environment. In addition, IT staff can more easily carry out maintenance, reducing downtime. The company is able to dedicate hardware and software to perform specific tasks, such as designing, reviewing and rendering. Fewer licences are needed as a result, as the software can be installed on fewer machines and accessed by different engineers as needed.


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