Barix IP Audio Module 400 (IPAM 400)

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Barix IP Audio Module 400 (IPAM 400)

Powerful and versatile audio codec for encoding and decoding. Linux based and fully programmable with a wide range of programming languages.



Powerful and versatile codec (encoding/decoding), Linux based and programmable with a wide range of programming languages, including C++, LUA, PHYTON. Featuring Quadcore Cortex™ A7 processor, USB, serial, digital I/O, WiFi, Mic+Line I/O. Barix can provide the IPAM400 OEM with a Yocto image with advanced firmware download and recovery functions.

The IP Audio Module (IPAM) 400 is a powerful universal, standalone, Linux based IP Audio function block, which can be easily embedded into OEM products and programmed with the programming language of your choice including C++, LUA and PHYTON. Supporting a vast range of protocols, codecs and interfaces and providing on board memory as well as a μSD card slot, the module is ideal for all audio related applications such as VoIP, IP intercom and paging as well as high quality music distribution.

10/100 Mbit Ethernet port, three USB interfaces a variety of I/Os as well as a serial and WiFi interface are provided. The Quadcore Cortex™ A7 processor allows for very fast encoding and packet handling and is performant enough to support all advanced security end encryption requirements.



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PDF description Barix IP Audio Module 400 Datasheet (665.6 kB)

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