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VXL Fusion EMM

Enterprise Mobility Management



VXL Software’s powerful enterprise mobility management solution, Fusion EMM, delivers comprehensive, dependable Android, Windows 10 Mobile and iOS device management – including BYOD – at a far more affordable price.

Fusion EMM device management – the new benchmark for simplicity and value

Fusion EMM brings the power of VXL Software’s Fusion suite – the industry-leading device management portfolio of applications – to Android, Windows 10 Mobile and iOS mobile devices. Using Fusion EMM, organisations can manage mobile devices, regardless of location, as easily as they could desktops and thin clients within their own offices. Better still, Fusion EMM is extremely competitively priced against comparable products.

Product Overview

Today’s business world is dominated by a multitude of mobile devices, from phones to tablets and even smart watches. These devices are getting smarter by the day and are becoming increasingly more widespread in all IT infrastructures, both at work and home, as organisations embrace BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) polices. The rapid advances in mobile hardware technology in the workplace is not only having a dramatic and positive effect in raising professional and personal productivity, it’s also fuelling user demand for new mobile technology requirements. This has led to an ever-increasing challenge for IT departments that want to keep their environments as safe and secure as possible, while ensuring that productivity is maintained in terms of efficiencies and user demands. Since mobile devices can be easily lost or stolen, sensitive data on these devices is vulnerable and can present a high security risk. This is leading IT departments to take a serious look at management software solutions that allow them to centrally control the use of personally- owned mobile devices with access to company data in an enhanced, secure and granular manner.



Further Information

Fusion EMM - Mobility management you control

Fusion EMM provides just that, a management technology that can handle user and company owned phones and tablets using Google Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile, giving users the flexibility they require to be more productive whilst ensuring that the enterprise network and its data is kept secured.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Mobile Content Management (MCM)

Mobile Monitoring and Analytics (MMA)

Features Gold Platinum
Browser based administration Yes Yes
OU/Group management Yes Yes
User provisioning Yes Yes
Device Enrolment (OTA & Bulk) Yes Yes
Device provisioning
Yes Yes
    Corporate Liable
Yes Yes
    Single Use / Kiosk Mode
No Yes
Device Inventory/Asset management Yes Yes
MDM Basic feature Set Yes Yes
Application management Yes Yes
Security management Yes Yes
MDM Advanced feature set Yes Yes
Advanced application management Yes Yes
Advanced security management Yes Yes
Enterprise configurations Yes Yes
Email Management No Yes
Browsing Management No Yes
Content Management No Yes
Advanced Enterprise configurations No Yes
Monitoring & Analytics No Yes


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PDF description VXL Fusion EMM Overview english (1255.2 kB)

PDF description VXL Fusion EMM and Appel DEP (636.1 kB)

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