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Advantech BB-850-39950

SNMP Management Module



The SNMP Management Module allows network operators to utilize the full SNMP functionality on all compatible "iMcV" modules that are installed in the iMediaChassis series. The single-wide module features two 10/100 twisted pair ports, one for management and one reserved for future use, and a DB-9 serial port for onsite IP configuration via a serial console sesson or Telnet. Both twisted pair ports include the AutoCross feature that automatically selects between a crossover workstation or straight-through, depending on the connected device. An iMediaChassis with an installed SNMP Management Module connects to the network via an external twisted pair connection. Through this connection, the network operator can monitor and control all compatible modules from a central site. Utilizing managed media converters in your network allows for troubleshooting at remote sites without the initial need for a costly truck roll.


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