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Multi-Tech SocketEthernet IP

Intelligent Serial-to-Ethernet Device



The SocketEthernet IP® device server connects serial devices to an IP network fast to remotely monitor, control and configure your equipment over the Internet. The space efficient device integrates our intelligent Universal IP stack to allow for a common set of AT commons for TCP/IP functionality and automatic/persistent connectivity for enhanced M2M functionality.

The SocketEthernet IP® intelligent device server connects serial devices to an IP network via a 10/100BaseT Ethernet interface. It enables you to build IP networking into virtually any device allowing for remote monitoring, control and configuration. The space efficient communications device (1" x 2.5") integrates Multi-Tech’s intelligent Universal IP®stack, and can make your existing and next generation device, machine or system, IP-ready while you focus on developing its core features.

The Universal Socket Developer´s Kit allows you to plug in the communications device and use it for testing, programming and evaluation. Contact us for complete details.

Universal Socket Benefits


Further Information



The SocketEthernet IP device server will IP-enable any serial device to provide remote monitoring, control and configuration of any system. It is ideal for:

Serial-to-Ethernet Technology.

Universal Socket Connectivity.

Universal IP for Enhanced M2M Connectivity


Power Requirements
Power Usage
Physical Description
Operating Environment

Ordering Information

Product Description
MT100SEM-IP Intelligent Device Server
MT100SEM-L-IP Intelligent Device Server
MT100SEM-L-HV-IP Intelligent Device Server
Ordering Codes
-IP Embedded Universal IP Stack
-L 3.3V Power Input (Default is 5V)
-HV High Voltage Dielectric Isolation (EN60601)
.Rx Version contro


PDF description Multi-Tech SocketEthernet IP Datasheet (990.4 kB)

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