Advantech ADAM-4561

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Advantech ADAM-4561

1-port Isolated USB to RS232/422/485 Converter



The Advantech ADAM-4561/4562 allows PC users to connect a serial device to a system that use a USB interface. To attach the ADAM-4561/4562 to a PC, you don’t need to open the chassis or power down your PC. Instantly get one or two extra high-speed RS232/422/485 ports. The power is derived from the USB port, so there are no power adapters to deal with. Thismakes the ADAM-4561/4562 especially suitable for modems, printers, POS systems and industrial control devices.Compliant with USB V1.1, ADAM-4561/4562 features several powerful functions such as high-speed 115.2 kbps transmission, support for various operating systems, independentRS232/422/485 ports and more. By simply plugging in a USB hub, ADAM-4561/4562 eliminates the configuration issues associated with high-priced, older card solutions. Youonly have to install the drivers, no need to set cards slots, IRQ addresses, DMA channels, or device addresses. This reduces programming effort.


Further Information



Power Input
Network: USB-type A connector (type A to type B cable provided)
1 x plug-in terminal(#14 ~ 22 AWG)(3-wire RS-232/422/485)

Isolation Voltage
3,000 V DC

Power Consumption
1.5 W @ 5 V

Driver Support
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 (32&64-bit)

USB Specification Compliance
USB 2.0

Speed Modes (bps)
600 bps to 115.2 kbps

Transmission Modes
Full/half duplex, bidirectiona



Operating Humidity
5 ~ 95% RH

Operating Temperature
ADAM-4541/4542+:      -10 ~ 70°C (14 ~ 158°F)
ADAM-4561/4562:        -10 ~ 70°C (14 ~ 158°F)

Storage Temperature
-25 ~ 85°C (-13 ~ 185°F)

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
ADAM-4561-AE 1-port Isolated USB to RS232/422/485 Converter


PDF description Datasheet (347.0 kB)

PDF description Advantech ADAM-4561 Datasheet (310.0 kB)

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