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Barix IP Audio Module 300 ( IPAM 300 )

Audio decoder module with network, USB and serial interface



The Barix IPAM 300 is a versatile network audio decoder module that plays MP3 or WMA (soon also G.711 & PCM) audio files and playlists from USB memory, PC or web server (http) or streams from sources like Shoutcast, Icecast (Internet radio) or RTP servers.

Installation and configuration
Installing a device containing the Barix IPAM 300 is fast and simple : After power-up the module gets either an IP address automatically (BootP or DHCP) or finds a free one using the IPzator feature. The unique SonicIP feature then announces the IP address over the audio outputs ! The module is easily configured and controlled by a standard web browser.

Standard and Streaming Client Firmware
Standard firmware for jukebox and multizone applications, as well as the streaming client firmware for commercial streaming applications with WMA and MP3 support, automatic failover (up to 3 URL’s / playing from USB memory) and monitoring capabilities are supported by the module (please see the Streaming Client Firmware data sheet).

Programmable ABCL Firmware
A fully programmable ABCL firmware version is available on request. ABCL stands for Audio Barix Control Language and is a simple to use yet powerful Basic dialect (please see the ABCL firmware data sheet).

Application development and integration
The Barix IPAM 300 supports various control and communication modes. Software developers can easily write audio applications using one of the openly documented Ethernet (cgi,TCP, UDP) or serial interfaces (API).

Hardware integration and evaluation
For hardware integration a technical document with schematic, pin-out and suggestions for the layout of a custom carrier PCB is available. For evaluation purposes Barix recommends the Barix Exstreamer 100.

Other modules
While the Barix IPAM 300 only decodes to analog audio the Barix IPAM can decode as well as encode analog and digital audio.


Further Information



PDF description Product changes IPAM 200 -> 300 (77.0 kB)

PDF description Barix IP Audio Modul 300 ( IPAM 300 ) Datasheet (264.3 kB)

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