Barix IP Audio Module 102 ( IPAM 102 )

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Barix IP Audio Module 102 ( IPAM 102 )

Audio module with dual network and multiple serial interfaces.



The Barix IP AUDIO MODULE 102 is a versatile network audio module that encodes and decodes PCM, G.711, G. 722, Ogg Vorbis and MPEG audio. The IPAM 101 model is intended for OEM applications where G.722 and MP3 encoding is not required. Both models enable manufacturers of traditional audio devices to add network capabilities to their products.

Each module is a complete system consisting of CPU, DSP, memory and interface circuitry, providing network and high speed serial interfaces, general purpose I/Os, analog and digital audio interfaces.

For OEM hardware integration a development specification with schematic, pin-out and layout guidelines is available. An IPAM Evaluation Kit, containing a carrier PCB and the IP audio module 102, is available.

Various software packages for standard applications are available for download from the Barix website, optimized for encoding, audio distribution, paging and intercom, including a full featured SIP client.

Custom software can easily be written, based on existing packages from Barix written in the ABCL language.

For low cost applications the Barix IP AUDIO MODULE 300 with reduced set of interfaces and audio decoding capabilities is available.



Further Information

* depends on used codec, best results @ 48 kHz PCM

** 0 - 70% relative humidity, non-condensing


PDF description Barix IPAM-102 Datasheet (270.3 kB)

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