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Advantech BB-232BRC

Baud Rate Converter



Put legacy equipment with incompatible communications standards back into service. Many older or proprietary system devices lack the option to reconfigure baud rate, data format, and handshaking. The 232BRC acts as a translator between asynchronous devices, matching each device’s needs while maintaining the highest possible throughput. Each side can be individually configured to suit the device connected to it. It supports data rates up to 115.2 kbps and all standard data formats. Each side can either supply or accept hardware or software handshaking. The included PC setup software walks the user through all possible options. Once configured by a PC, the module may be installed on any system. Non-volatile memory maintains the parameters when power is removed. A detailed instruction manual is contained on the CD ROM which ships with the product. A 12VDC power supply is required (not included).


Further Information



PDF description Advantech BB-232BRC Datasheet (240.7 kB)

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