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Icron USB 2.0 RG2310A Core

Embedded USB 2.0 extension



The USB 2.0 RG2310A Core module is available in easy-to-integrate pluggable SO-DIMM form factor and supports extension of up to 100m over CAT 5e (or better), up to 500m over multimode fiber, and up to 10km over single mode fiber plus the ability to extend across a Local Area Network (LAN). It provides for direct connectivity in MII, GMII, RGMII or TBI modes, and is optimized for mass storage throughout speeds. The RG2310A features additional capabilities such as custom pre-programmed MAC addresses and access to advanced platform features such as SwitchableUSB™, Device Class Filtering, Simultaneous User Interaction, Hot Keys translation, and Vendor Lock.

The USB 2.0 RG2310A Core Module continues the tradition of being the most robust and reliable embedded USB 2.0 extender available on the market. Available in an easy-to-integrate pluggable SO-DIMM form factor, the RG2310A Core module supports direct USB 2.0 extension connectivity of up to 100m over CAT 5e (or better) and up to 10km over fiber. It is optimized for mass storage throughput speeds and boasts market leading USB device and host compatibility.

The RG2310A Core module offers additional capabilities over the RG2300A by supporting USB 2.0 extension across a Local Area Network (LAN) and boasting new features such as custom MAC addressing, Local and Remote extender pairing control via the SwitchableUSB™ protocol, one-to-many pairings with Simultaneous User Interaction, Vendor Locking for brand continuity, custom OEM Hot Keys translation, and device class filtering options for blocking connections to certain USB device types (e.g. flash drives).

To assist developers with their OEM projects, the USB 2.0 RG2310A Core Developer Kit provides a rapid means to evaluate the RG2310A Core module in your application and to prototype custom solutions. If your embedded USB extension project doesn’t require the advanced functionality of the RG2310A Core module, please consider the RG2300A Core.


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Configurable for direct connection via CAT 5e or better, fiber or across a Local Area Network









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The USB 2.0 RG2310A Core Local and Remote Extender SO-DIMM modules are sold separately*. An Icron Developer Kit must be purchased separately.
* A Complete extension system consists of both a Local and Remote Extender module.


PDF description Icron USB 2.0 RG2310A Core Datasheet (2172.2 kB)

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