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Barix Audio Point
(Product is EOL)

Product is End of Life : 2019-02-04
Give your Screen a Voice!
(Product is EOL)



Barix Audio Point is a system for superfast delivery of audio from digital signage players or other sources to listeners using their BYOD smartphones. Users experience the audio in sync with the action on the screen.

Audio Point is designed to give screens a voice in shops, airport lounges, gyms and anywhere else screens are found.

Audio Signage is the smartphone app that works with the Instreamer to reproduce the audio on the user’s device.

Digital Signage has revolutionized how information is presented to customers; used for advertising and for informational purposes it is a great success, but Digital Signage is not perfect!
Audio Point enables customers to opt in, using their BYOD mobile to elect to listen, for example if an advert has caught their eye and they want to find out more, or to here the breaking news commentary in the lounge.

The solution is based on a Barix Instreamer, that generates a low-latency audio stream for real-time streaming to consumers. Consumers inside a store, or looking at a window display can receive the audio on their Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices.

The end-to-end architecture requires a Barix Instreamer for the audio signal, which sends highquality, low-latency streams as a multicast transmission, streaming it direct to the user via a Wi-Fi access point. Consumers access the stream using the Audio Signage app.


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