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VXL CloudDesktop (former GioPC Edition)

Repurposing Software



Give your aging PC’s a new lease of life with VXL’s CloudDesktop Edition repurposing software solution.

VXL’s repurposing software solution, CloudDesktop, makes it quick and easy to turn your old endpoint devices (desktop PCs and Laptops) into secure, centrally managed thin client devices.

Compatible with Citrix, VMware, Microsoft RDP, Virtual Bridges Spice/Verde and Quest vWorkspace, VXL’s repurposing software can also be used in conjunction with, VXL’s XLmanage, allowing organisations the ability to deliver an effective and managed solution using repurposed desktops and laptops.

Available at a fraction of the cost of a new desktop or laptop PC, VXL’s GioPC Edition means organisations can realise the benefits of thin client computing and more importantly have a robust universal operating system with extensive client connectivity that’s perfect for today’s modern enterprise environments.


Further Information

What is CloudDesktop?

CloudDesktop is built around VXL’s flagship Gio Linux operating system and comprises a micro Linux OS ideal for re-purposing legacy PC’s into thin clients capable of connecting to a wide range of server based solutions using the industry’s best protocols:
VMware View with PCoIP, Citrix ICA with HDX, Microsoft RDP, Virtual Bridges Spice /Verde and Quest vWorkspace.
VXL’s CloudDesktop Edition ensures that the user is provided with a highly robust solution that is free from user interference and virus or malware threats.

How is VXL CloudDesktop deployed?

VXL’s CloudDesktop edition is very easy to deploy and there are a number of deployment methods available including:

What type of hardware can be converted?

VXL’s CloudDesktop Edition runs on X86 based personal computers and supports Intel, AMD and VIA processors. A large number of network interfaces and graphic cards are also supported. If a device is found to be unsupported VXL will work with you to support such a device if this is feasible. Essentially if your PCs are three to five years in age, you’re probably good to go.


PDF description VXL CloudDesktop (former GioPC Edition) (594.9 kB)

PDF description VXL CloudDesktop Datasheet (1692.4 kB)

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